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Running Labs Again!

I’m back at it! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was considering quitting. CCIE is tough man, and failing it is soul crushing (especially failing it four times). However, the record’s 19 attempts… so I figure if anything I can at least try to top that! I have a post talking about ‘following the labels’ that I’ll be publishing immediately after this one… I’m not SUPER happy with it, but I hope it helps someone out there.

So here’s an off the wall topic… window strategy on the lab. That’s right, it’s probably the most nontechnical thing you have to worry about after you sit down at your workstation. However, it’s extremely important. Aside from practice, and strong knowledge you need two things to pass the lab – Speed and Accuracy. So it’s actually pretty important that you lay your windows out in such a way you can quickly switch between devices and keep an eye out for console prompts. The general idea of how I lay my desktop out is identically to method I learned at an IE bootcamp. So I thought I’d share it out, I have all device tiled from the top left with notepad starting at the bottom of my last router. Why you ask? So I know, at a glance, exactly where my switches start.

It seems pretty basic I know, but it makes a HUGE difference in speed.

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