QoS Task

If you’re looking for a task that will annoy you, this is it! Alright, currently you have a 10Mb connection to your upstream provider, you’ve been charged with implementing some basic QOS to prioritize voice traffic (marked DSCP EF). You’re told voice should be given priority of 10%, and the QOS technique you’re to use should allow for future growth with additional class based queues. No sweat right?

While you’re out on vacation, one of your co-workers brings in a second WAN connection, and connects it to the same subnet as your primary WAN (10Mbps). This connection is only 512Kbps, better yet your boss wants the same QOS policy above to adapt in the event of a failure so that voice gets 50%. Like any good Engineer, you tell him it’s impossible and this is a terrible solution. Now you’re job’s on the line, smooth move. 
Your mission, should you choose to keep your imaginary job:
– Create a QOS policy giving 10% to DSCP EF when the primary WAN link is up, and 50% when it’s down.
– QOS policy needs to automatically adjust for the change in bandwidth in the event the primary WAN link goes down. Your solution should also include adjusting for the bandwidth change when the primary comes back online.
– Do not add any new IPs
– Do not create any additional interfaces
Bonus avoid using the bandwidth statement
The video got cut short, but you’ll see the solution =]

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