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More MPLS!

So I can see that people like the MPLS labs, and while I’m down sizing and moving my physical lab I thought I’d crack out an MPLS lab out. This one is fun, I tried to add some extra complexity, while keeping it focused to R&S 4.0 blueprint topics.

Some key points before diving into the tasks.

– All routing is correct on Host 1, Host 2, and Server 1.
– Of the (3) devices just mentioned, only Server 1 is running any dynamic routing. This is by design.

*Insert cheesy scenario* You’re a Network Engineer at a small to midsize Service Provider offering not only MPLS VPNs but also some managed service offerings. “Server 1” represents one of these managed service offers and should be accessible to both Host 1 and Host 2. Stop caring about what Server 1 is hosting, you’re the Network guy, don’t worry yourself with secrets of scary Systems people. After returning from a vacation you arrive at work with emails from the owners of Host 1 complaining they can not access Server 1. They also attach menacing pictures promising if the service isn’t restored soon they’ll cancel their contract and possibly slash your tires. Seems serious. Users of Host 2 do not complain of any issue, and fearing for your well being offer access to Host 2 for testing. Restore connectivity between Host 1 and Server 1,  you can test your solution with a telnet from Host 1 to Username Network and Password Knerd. Host 1 and Host 2 should not be able to connect to one another.

– Do not change any parameters on the shared Ethernet network between the P routers (Fast Ethernet 1/0 on all P routers).
– Do not change cost or any routing metrics.
– Do not disable any interfaces.
– Do not create any interfaces.

GNS3 Files


Menacing Picture


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