The way forward

Blog.. TRANSFORMATION TIME!! Thanks to my long-time, and very good friend Steve Occhiogrosso (found here at I think I finally have a way forward. Since I passed my lab, you know WAY back in April, I’ve been feeling a bit empty. Just dying to be working on something new and different. For a while I toyed around with the idea of going the Data Center route (since I work in cloud services), but to be perfectly honest I just didn’t feel the fire when I was going through the material. Nothing jumped out and pulled me in, and you really need that when you’re considering an IE.

Enter Steve. In a brief chat, I was explaining how DC didn’t seem like the path for me. Between a huge influx of interest in DC resulting in next to no available rack time… I wasn’t feeling it. Then Steve very casually mentioned “What about Service Provider?”

Of course SP makes sense for me! MPLS is one of my absolute most favorite topics, so right off the bat I was really excited. So I cracked open INE’s CCIE SPv4 material (all access pass, true nerd) and skimmed over it, all the while getting more and more enthused. Even better, they just revamped the exam mirroring the style of R/S v5 so you can virtualize everything. So, SP is my next mountain to climb, buckle up for SP related posts.

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