Fun with MPLS – Part 1/’however many of these I feel like doing’

So you’re an Engineer for a small company with offices in Delaware and Carmel, both locations are just awful but at least in Delaware you’re near the water. Your SP provides both Layer 3 and Layer 2 MPLS VPN between both locations, you’re not entirely sure why you have both but suffice to say the solutions engineer had a few extra drinks on you after that sale. Currently you have 768K per pvc, and you’ve noticed that you’re not load sharing traffic between the two available connections. Weeks after discovering this the SP still has not resolved your issue, so you’ve offered to come work for them for a day to get it resolved. Sure it’s a bit extreme, but if you get one more status call informing no progress has been made you might be looking at first degree murder and based on your research Delaware supports the death penalty.

With all that, your goal is to get Carmel and Delaware to load share traffic over their two available PVCs. You can test this via Delaware and Carmel’s loopback address ( Here are your restrictions.

– You may not add any new interfaces
– You may not modify the configuration on either the LEC Frame switches, or on P1 or P2.
– No static routing is allowed.
– You may not enable any additional routing protocols.

GNS3 Files



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